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    Deploying Office 2010 on LDMS 9.0sp2 Problems


      Hello everyone,


      I’m having trouble distributing Office 2010 to a Windows 7 desktop.


      I’m using the instructions from BKM for Installing MS Office 2007 with LDMS version 9.0


      Without going into much detail, the package copies all the necessary files to c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\sdmcache.  Based on the log file on the pc (sdclient_task16) 309 files have been copied.  Here is what the last line of the log file looks like:

      Screen 1.jpg

      And then it times out (after 4 hours or so).  It never runs the setup.exe.  If I go over to the PC and run the setup.exe it runs fine.  What am I missing?


      Here are the details of my package:


      Screen 2.jpg

      Screen 3.jpg

      Screen 4.jpg 

      Screen 5.jpg

      Screen 6.jpg

      Screen 7.jpg

      Screen 8.jpg

      Screen 9.jpg

      Screen 10.jpg


      Screen 11.jpg

      And here is my Scheduled Task:


      Screen 13.jpgScreen 12.jpg

      Sorry for all the screen prints.  Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have to deploy this package to 100 PCs both here in NYC and NH.


      Thanks in advance.