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    Problems with provisioning on several things (Map drive, execute file)


      Hi all,


      I'm back with new problems.


      First thanks AspenSkier, that have very good use of provisioning, I do the same way as you. But, as you, I break template with several problems.


      My first problem :

      • I add a network connection mapped on a letter, ex : Z:
      • I launch any action, as 'Execution file' (or any actions) of an executable for example. With the parameter : Z:\myexec.exe


      The template is always broken !


      When I use the network UNC Path instead of the letter, all works !!

      In conclusion, any map drive are useless, I can't use it...


      Weird ! no ?



      Second problem :

      If I try to launch a batch, previously copied on C:\mybatch.bat

      If I launch it with provisioning : Error 4

      If I launch it manually with double click, it work fine...

      Somebody know why ?



      Thanks for your reply,