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    LDMS 9.0 SP2 - Packages are not visible in the provisioning templates



      After installing SP2 on LDMS 9.0 core server,  all my packages are not displayed in the dropdown list  of the action "Distribute Software" in the provisioning template.

      I applied the LDMS 9.0 SP2. Everything worked fine. I  validated the license again, it was OK, I checked all my agents and  created self-contained client installation packages... But The  Provisioning isn't working any more.

      Each time I open a template, all  the "distribute software" tasks show a list of packages with only the my  last Packages. I've got the following message (wrote under the field  "software distribution package") "This action can only be completed  after the agent configuration, or after agents have been installed on  the server."


      I found the following document : http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-21872


      Then i had applied the patch. For me it had no effect on my server.


      It seams there is a reason see this link



      Has someone have a patch for correct it.

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          Hi all
          As I can test today, a provisioning template can only use the package wich were in the same “user level”.


          I mean, if the provisioning template is a public template it can only use the packages created in the public packages's folder. If the provisioning template is a personal template from user1 it can only use packages created in the User1 packages's folder. If the provisioning template is a team template, it can only use packages created in the team’s folder, but not in the team users's folders.


          I think it is too restrictive to work like that, because, before apply SP2, all my packages were in a team's folder, and they were accessed from all the scheduled tasks that I had created for all the users wich had needed them, and by all the templates wich use them, from all the template locations.


          All my packages were protected, and the users have used what they had needed, depending of their roles.


          Actually they can see all the packages and they can create all the scheduled tasks they want with them. It is unsecure for me. On the other hands, the users who need to launch packages do not need to see all the packages which are used in the templates.


          Does someone have a solution to correct it?


          (Add 04/05/2010)


          Is there is a way to change that?
          Because it is a less secure methode.


          I had some LSMS 9.0 SP2 Console users who only use publics tasks, and some others who need to deploy provisioning templates and some times needs to deploy some softwares packages. So I used some private's team's folders to stock my packages. They were used by all people of the depoyment's team without any problem, and the public's users only can use only few packages, thru some few scheduled tasks located in the public's folder.
          With this new features my public's users can see several packages, that I don't want they use. It's a real security probleme for me.