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    Batch File Distribution Package.




      I am using LDMS 9-SP2. This is the first time I am using batch file distribution functionality after an upgrade from 8.8 to version 9. The batch file parameters are as below:


      @echo off

      if exist "c:\Program Files\Mangofile\MangoFile.exe" goto Action


      xcopy /y MangoFile.exe "c:\Program Files\Mangofile\"



      While building the batch file distribution package I am using batch file as a main file and using mangofile.exe file as an additional file. Distribution Account is set to "System Local Account". The schedule is using Delivery Type = "PUSH" and Delivery Method = “Emergency Distribution ".


      The schedule runs absolutely fine and drops both files (batch file and application file) on remote client in SDMCACHE folder. The batch file launched itself within a minute and copies the application files from SDMCACHE folder to desire destination. However the Schedule Task result appears in status "FAILED" with 100%. I know the package delivery was successful by login on each individual client machine but this is not good way to check because I am planning to deploy this distribution package over 600 machines.


      I have attached a screenshot of log file from LDMS schedule task and by looking the last line, it is confirming the successful delivery of application but my question is, why the client machine appears in Failed result in schedule task windows?


      I have used various delivery methods, also made amendment in batch file but the result is always in status “Failed". Even every time the package runs successfully.


      I have also tried MSI and Executable distribution packages (using exe and msi files). Every time software installs successfully on client machine but the result came back with status “Failed “in schedule task window.


      Could anyone please shed some light on it. I am thinking there might be some kind of changes in LDMS 9 I am missing as default.


      Thank You.