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    Notice: Insert media 2 containing file...


      I am having problems restoring an image. During the restore process on step 2 of 3, where Item Progress is 75% completed and Overall Progress is about 50% I get a Notice pop-up window asking to "Insert media 2 containing file i:\LDF0DE~2.4.


      From the computer that is being re-image I am able to browse to theI: drive that has all the image files.


      I assume that the script is looking for the file LDF0DEF108F4D8.4 which is there.


      Where should I start with troubleshooting this problem? Is there a chance that the file LDF0DEF108F4D8.4 being locked by another process? I don't have any other scripts running that would lock this file.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.