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    Target machine list is cleared when a distribution task is started


      We have a user who is creating a software distribution task thru the web console. When he creates the task and assigns the target list, he will schedule the task to "Start now" and selects "All" for devices. When he clicks save, the task will begin. He will then go into the task to follow the progress and that's when he sees that all the targeted devices are no longer listed and the task fails. We are able to duplicate the issue at our office, also thru the web console. We also created a task using the same package via the 32-bit console, but don't see the issue there. So it seems to occue only when using the web console.


      Any ideas? Has any one seen this scenario?   


      We are running LDMS 9.0 SP2 on a Windows 2008 x64 R2 server.

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          It looks like the rollup patch  LD90-SP2-MCP_SD-2011-0217 may be the cause, or a part of it anyway. I opened a case with LANDesk for this issue, and from what we've managed to narrow it down to so far is, it seems to be caused by a set of 4 dll's that are replaced by the patch. However, out of the 4, only one dll may be the actual culprit. The files are:







          We rolled the 4 files back to the versions prior to the patch being applied, and the issue seems to be resolved for the moment. The file that makes the most sense as being at the root of the problem (at least when it is "patched" by the rollup patch) is the Task Handler dll. We are still working to prove this out, but at this time, it seems like the most probable answer.