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    isscntr.exe crashes due to non-standard display resolution


      Hi everyone,


      I had some problems with remoting into a machine that had a non standard screen resolution (1600 x 900). The isscntr.exe was crashing, but the connection stayed open with the remote machine. After a little twiaking with the resolution, I was able to remote in the machine without any problems. All other resolution options on the laptop were just fine, exept for 1600 x 900.


      Here are some technical details, if any of you have had the same issue in the past and have found a solution:


      LD 8.8 SP4

      Landesk remote control mirror driver ver. 9.0

      client machine: Dell Vostro 3700, video card nvidia GForce GT330M

      video driver


      Thanks to everyone that will respond to this!