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    Templates timing out in WinPE

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I have seen this issue reported several times on the forums but can't see a satisfactory answer.


      When trying to deploy a template through WinPE, we can select the template and it says 'Retry 1 of 40' and so on until it gets to 40 and dumps us back out to the template chooser menu. This happens on all of our templates.


      I have restarted IIS on the LANDesk server, deleted the client from the database, deleted the scheduled task for the deployment, rebooted - still the same result.


      I am now stuck - can anyone shed any light on what this might be or how I can go about finding out what's happening?


      The version is



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          jwood8 Apprentice

          Fixed my own issue, well sort of. It turned out to be one of the packages, no idea why but I removed it and put it in as a batch file install instead and the template now loads OK. If anyone else is having issues, first thing I'd do is remove LANDesk packages, especially any you've recently added.