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    WinPE Dell Optiplex 780

    veb Rookie

      We have bought a new PC series.
      These are Dell Optiplex 780 with solid state drive.


      I've now added the WinPE a CAB file with the drivers, deleted the Representative and redistributed.


      Now when I boot the WinPE, I get attached view.
      Then comes yet "This is pxeboot" and then closes the CMD window and nothing happens anymore.


      What is missing for?

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          It sound like it went into a managed winpe state.  How are you pxe booting the machine?  Did you pick Managed Winpe or Winpe Menu.  Or did you try to schedule the osd task on the machine with the OS running?

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            EMiranda Expert

            "This is pxeboot" is a managed pxeboot selection detected according to the startnet.cmd.  To get the pxemenu it needs to be a pxemenu detection and it would then say "This is pxemenu" and launch PxeMenuStart.cmd.  billyc is on the right track with this one.