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    Batch Deployment


      Hello all,


      I have a batch script, wich runs a seperate .exe from a server within the subnet the executing client is located. Because there are two domains and the servers have different names in each subnet (following a name schema), I use %domain% and %hostname% to build up a localized download string for each client.

      Here ist the script, it works perfect if I execute it on a client:


      set /p haus=<%temp%\hostname.txt
      set haus=%haus:~0,4%
      if %USERDOMAIN% ==firstdomain  (
      echo \\%haus%servername.firstdomain.local\vert\appname.exe >%temp%\executeme.bat)
      if %USERDOMAIN% == seconddomian(
      echo \\%haus%servername.seconddomain.int\vert\appname.exe >%temp%\executeme.bat)


      So my problem is: When I schedule a batch job only the first two lines are executed. I could figure out that for example the not matching if statement is a problem, here the execution definitly stops. Launching the batch per double click from the clients %programfiles%/landesk/LDClient/sdmache works perfect.


      Has anybody an idea where I made a mistake? Maybe batch jobs run different under local system?


      Thanks in advance