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    Scan for custom file




      I have a problem where I have a few machines through our place missing a key piece of software. Unfortunately i dont much out a query that i wrote to check add/removed programs for it.


      Is there a way to write a query looking for a specific file, and secondly, how do i set the machines up to scan for that particular file?





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          I think the easiest way for you to accomplish this is to create a custom query. Since it's not a program but a specific file you are looking for, I think a query would be easier for you than messing with SLM to identify it. We recently had to do this on an application that SLM didn't detect tjhe executable. So, this SHOULD work in your case since it is a specific file you are looking for.


          Try doing this...


          Create a new query (under network view, "core server," queries, my queries) and give it a name.

          Now, here is where it gets tricky....depending on the file location.

          For us, we added the following machine component "Computer, Software, Package, File Name"

          After you do this, if "display scanned values" is checked, it should generate a list.

          Search through here to see if the file name you are looking for displays in this list.

          If it does, simply click on the value and it will paste it to "Edit Values" and click the = sign in the middle.

          The scripts box should display similar to this "Computer"."Software"."Package."File Name" = "filename.fileextention"

          Click save and then double click on the query. This will generate a report showing you which systems currently have that file.

          Alternately, you can create a separate query and change = to "Not Exists" to show which systems do NOT have it installed.


          See if this works and, if not, let me know and we'll move on to the next option.