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    Configuration Query to show version trail

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      Could anybody let me know if this is possible.


      We have over 15 thousand Workstations in our CMDB so to allow our asset team an easy way to find Cis we created a query to allow them to search on different criteria (which works fine). The only problem is that when they double click the results and the Workstation window comes up it doesnt include the version changes.


      Is it possible for this to come through when using a search query?




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          Hi Neil,


          Just stumbled across this whilst searching for something else!  I appreciate the original post was made a while ago, but just in case you still don't have a solution for this.


          This is possible, it had me confused for a while!


          You need to amend the 'Editor Type' value for each of the Configuration Item types you have within your CMDB.


          Go to Object Designer, open one of your Configuration Item Business Objects (the primary instances of the Configuration Item types, not the ones labeled '[CI Type Name] Version')


          When you load the Business Object you'll see some properties appear immediately in the right of the designer window...scroll down to 'Editor Type' and select 'CI_Manager' from the drop down.


          You'll need to do this for each of the CI types you have in your database.


          When you open search results now, you will see the version history of the selected CI record.


          Hope this helps!



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            neil_p1000 Apprentice

            Thanks Shaun


            That has worked a treat. Solved a long standing problem our Asset team have had when searching for changes to assets.