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    OSD With PXE Only Works With Devices In Database



      While testing deploying an image with a PXE Representative, I noticed that only clients that already had the LANDesk Agent installed on them would successfully begin imaging.  Other PC's that were not yet in our LANDesk database would hang after selecting a script from the menu.  WinPE boots, and Core server name resolves, and the SATA drivers work.  The network drives for the image and imaging tool do not mount.  I am assuming that this is normal functionality of LANDesk OSD?  If so, my real question is what are some of the ways to get around this problem?  I like the csvimport option, but are there other options other than installing the LANDesk Agent on the target PC's existing OS before imaging?












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          For some reason your miniscans are not getting from the PXE booted device to the core.


          You should see a mac address for the device name in the database for any machine you pxe boot that is not already there.


          It is probably name resolution.  The PXE machine probably only has the short netbios name of your core. 


          Can you ping 'corename'?  or do you need to type 'corename.company.com'?

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            OSD only works with devices in the database.  If a devices is a barebones device, it MUST send in a miniscan and that scan MUST be processed, putting the device in the database so LANDesk can work with it.


            So if your miniscans are not going to the database, is your inventory service working?

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              Thank you, guys, for the replies.  After looking closely at the problem, it appears that only one of my prototypes is doing this, which means my inventory scan service is working.  To verify that it is working, I deleted one of the prototypes that successfuly images using the scripts in WinPE, booted it from PXE, and successfully imaged it using the script again. 






              It turns out that only one of my prototypes could not image using the WinPE scripts.  I found that there were three entries of hte same machine in the database.  All three entries had different names, but the samd MAC addresses.  We have duplicate ID's rejected, but only when both the name and MAC addresses match. 






              I am now considering rejecting devices based on duplicate MAC addresses only to prevent this kind of a problem.  In our environment, we currently do a lot of reimaging of computers, both in our "lab and classroom" environment, and our office environment.   what would you guys recommend in an environment where reimaging is a day to day thing?  Eventually we do want to get away from reimaging so much, which is why we purchased LANDesk.  But we still have to ease into this process, and until then we have to put up with reimaging on a regular basis.  How does setting "Reject Duplicate Devices" based on MAC only work for other sites?  What are the benefits and disadvtnages?












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                I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "Reject Duplicate Devices" based on MAC only.

                Are you talking about the configure>services>inventory>devices button?


                One issue would be is if the clients use a VPN.  I have seen VPN virtual adapters use the same MAC address on different machines, which may simulate duplicates.


                We had this in our environment and it took a while to figure out what was going on.  That in conjunction with the restore old device ID check box made for an interesting issue to solve.

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                  The problem was that we had duplicates for the machine that would not execute the OSD script.  Deleting the duplicates from the LANDesk database solved the issue.

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                    Would using Serial Numbers to reject duplicates work better?  By this I mean, configure>services>inventory>Device ID's button.  I would add only "System>Serial Number", and check the box to "Reject duplicate Identities. 






                    I am seeing a problem now with the way we are doing OSD where a computer is physically moved, reimaged, and renamed.  It keeps hte same MAC, but loses its name.  In addition to possible VPN problems that you stated, MAC addresses can always be changed, especially in virtual machines.  How would using the device's Serial Number work out?