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    Toughbook CF-31


      Hello, everyone. For those of you trying to use the WinPE portion of OSD on CF-31s, this link will help alleviate the issue where the PXE menu will not load. This happens quite often on the Toughbooks. We disabled our Linux and DOS options.




      In regards to the network driver, you will need to look at which driver your specific CF-31 is using (since there are multiple types). If you have an existing image to capture, just go to the Driver File Details of your network adapter and write down all of the Driver Files. Take note of the number (such as e1e5132, for example). You will need to inject these drivers and include the .cat file corresponding to the driver number (for my example, you would need e1e5132.cat). Without the .cat file, it will fail to load the correct network drivers when using OSD.


      Instructions on how to inject drivers can be found here.