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    Server Manager Health Dashboard not refreshing automatically - SOLVED!

    Jack.rotherham Specialist

      During a site visit at a customer of ours I was tasked to look at their Server Manager Health Dashboard due to the fact that it would not automatically refresh its status. They’d had this problem in 8.8 and also in version 9. The only way to get the status to update was to hit F5. This not only was a manual process but also had the problem that it reset the page view to the default amount of devices.


      So we looked into the log files and found that a SQL statement was failing to run upon each expected automatic refresh of the dash board. We then dropped onto SQL server and tried to run the failing statement. This still failed being ran in Query Analyser. The statement was as follows:


      SELECT Time FROM AlertHealth WHERE time > ‘18/05/2010 15:15:45’ ORDER BY TIME DESC


      Just out of interest I reversed the date to be a USA formatted date and ran the query again. This brought back the results as would be expected. With this we looked into the server configuration and found that the SQL Server was set up with regional settings of English as opposed to British English. This would explain the issue with the SQL statement not running correctly and would also explain why the same issue (which was not seen on other sites) had managed to transfer between two separate version of the product with completely different databases.


      This issue had caused heads to be scratched for a while so figured I’d share this with you all.