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    CI with Multiple SLA

    oku Apprentice

      Hi People,
      Need some idea on my case. iam on 7.4 and i have a case where my company have a CI called project. These Project can have one or several SLA attached EG : Project 1 have SLA A,B, C, and Project 2 Have SLA A,D etc. What we want is that when helpdesk log a ticket and entered the project number, the sla would also be listed based on that project No. So to sum up :
      - How do we create multiple SLA attached to the CI Project, i've been trying to do this for 2 day with no solution, the only way i think to add something like Add Coniguration Item action in the user management but so far i've no luck on doing that.
      - If the CI project can have a relationship to multiple SLA item, how do we filter them on the incident screen to just show response level based on the project No (i'm thinking of object filter can do this)


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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Make sure you have your CI attribute as a variation attribute on Incident Response agreements.  Do this is admin/SLA management and find the Response agreement branch of the tree.  Then add rules into a response agreement which list the combinations of CI and Response Level that you want to have.


          Once done and the CI entered into the incident, the Response Level attribute should only present the list of SLAs in your rules.


          This is covered pretty well on the Core Admin course, so borrow someones notes or maybe wangle a place on the course.  From memory it's about 4-5 days, so you are half way there already :-)

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            oku Apprentice

            Hi Dave..haha..thanks..Unfortunately, the case is not the same as you described, i once have a case where one CI associated with one SLA and using the same method as you descibed back in the old 7.1.4 and it works just fine. This one however slightly different than that :

            1. First of all, how do we associate one CI with multiple SLA, basically like a collection. for example if i'm inputting a new CI or Project Number, i would have fill in the project No and then entering the SLA which is multiple value such as GOLD, PLATINUM which i can select from. I can do this using many to many link on user attribute such as adding multiple location, but many to many link can only be done in Object that exist the administration menu and CI is not. i also have tried creating a reference objct named SLA in system and relate that to the project object in configuration item and vice versa, so that in the CI menu will have action add SLA but it turns out it only add new reference and not associating the SLA to the CI Project.

            2. If adding multiple Reference (or sla that is reference object) to the ci project works i know i can create an object filter to display the sla associated with the project in the incident form .




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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              If I'm reading item (1) right, all you would do is put the same CI in a Response Agreement several times and put the various SLAs for the CI in each row.  Then when you choose the drop down list of Response Levels on the incident, all the ones that match will appear on the list.  So


              Mobile Data     Gold

              Mobile Data     Silver

              Mobile Data     Bronze


              When you select mobile data on the incident response agreement, all 3 items will appear.  Response Agreements were one of the best features introduced into early versions of 7, so they are for sure worth looking at in case they can help.

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                oku Apprentice

                HI Dave,

                First of all the main question perhaps it's not really about the SLA first,i'm trying to configure a ci with a reference (which the reference object is created to mimic SLA data because i cannot relate CI object with Response level), so that if i'm inputting data of ci i can also relate that ci with its reference (which is sla) such as GOLD,PLATINUM, SILVER,GOLDP1, PLATINUMP1 etc (one ci can have many collections of reference data).

                This CI data can have thousands of data and each CI can have one or multiple reference (sla that is).

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                  dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                  OK I see, not SLAs at all.  Well, as Cis are not lifecycleable objects even if you could put a collection on them, you are going to have problems creating the instances of the collection.


                  How about using CI Structures?  Create your project as a CI like you have and also have these 'SLAs' as Cis and relate the project to the 'SLA' using config structures.  Then in Console select the CI on the incident and then use the CI graphical picker to display the structure of the Project and then someone can pick the 'SLA' off that diagram.  It will only display the 'SLAs' linked to the project.   If you have the CI on the incident twice, you can then retain the project CI to record that, copy to the other CI field and use the CI Relationship picker to chose the 'SLA'.  Wouldn't work in webdesk though.


                  Bring back HelpDesk asset hierachies I say!

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                    dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                    Heres another thought, but I've not tried it out :-)  Create a bundle as your project and add the 'SLAs' into the appropriate bundle.  Then you'd be able to have your project selected as a bundle and I bet you can write a filter that then shows the CIs in that bundle and use that filter as a drop down list.


                    But with all of this, the detail is important because if you had other 'SLA' like objects that need to be attached to a project, these point solutions just to handle the 'SLA' might not be enough.


                    The only other thought outside of CIs was to create your projects as a user (say contact) and add the other items in using the admin tool as normal CIs.  You can then add contact as your drop down list of projects and select the particular CI using a filter from contact to CI.

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                      oku Apprentice

                      Hi Dave,

                      Do you mean that the project ci will be created using the Bundle Object ?

                      I've tried them out, but no additional action to add related so that i can relate other object to the project ci (object reference i called sla), eventhough in the object designer under the Budle, there is a collection named catalogue item that can have action add related, but idont find this action when creating or editing under Bundle Configuration item.

                      Adding Project under contact might just work, but i find this as a last chance if there are no other solution, because it seems like fitting inappropriate solution, since we are using contact for outside contact as well.




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                        dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                        First off, I think the idea of using CI structures I mentioned in the previous post might the best method as it seems to represent what you are trying to do.


                        But the other idea of using bundles assumed you knew about the new Service Catalogue funcitonality in 7.4.  Mea Culpa!   Bundles are part of the Service Catalogue functionality and allow you to group a number of Services into one and then let someone request the bundle and get all those services .  ( So one Project with several 'SLAs'), so you create your project as a bundle and associate the CIs to that in the Service Catalogue shortcut. You'd still need to check out filters/queries from the bundle to the SLA for the incident.  It was just another idea to let you think about, not a fully formed consultancy based solution.


                        The contact idea I accept is bending things a bit, but you might also find if you ask the LANDesk SI team, they can come up with a bespoke solution.  I'm just looking at this from a purely product based point of view.


                        Good luck and do let us know how you get on

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                          oku Apprentice

                          Thanks Dave,

                          think so too, for the mean time i am going to try the bundle solution, the ci structure seems good but that would require the Configuration Manager license (cmiiw). And if it works it would require console access, and we want this to be working in webaccess too. i hope the next release of 7.5 would enhance this sort of thing and especially the form control that still not changing much since 7.14 release.