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    Error Selecting a Filter Query on the Raise User Object




      I'm getting an error message when trying to select a filter query on the Raise User Object under the Incident. I can select the filter query but when trying to save the changes to the object it's giving the error below:


      Error on saving changes:

      Could not resolve reference from Attribute Filter Selector 11cc3635-8d0e-42df-aa28-acb3c2d08bda to related Query Template. This Query Template is for the Class Type 'Incident', expected 'Process'.


      Any light that could be shed on this would be gratefully received. I've tried running the MDM as suggested on another thread for this error on the inbound mail queue but to no avail.


      Many Thanks,


      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA

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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Hi Anthony,


          The filter you have applied is based on Incident object and it wants an filter based on Process - recreate the filter on Process and switch it over.


          Hope you have the attributes on the process object....

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            chbenoit Apprentice



            I've the same need.

            I created a filter on Process about User where type = Analyst or EndUser and I applied this filter on Incident.Raise User attribut.


            I got the good result, so yes this way work fine about need but get a dysfonction about the way to select by the dropdown list accross the WebDesk.


            Without this filter when I fill the beggining of the raise user name, I got a short list of raise user available corresponding. This attach file Without Filter where you can see that I got a restrict number of result (no scroll bar ) and more the first selection proposed match fine with my filling.


            When I enable the filter and use the same name, I got more result (8 pages with scroll bar) and the first one proposed don't match at all with my filling.


            Is someone get same issue than me in WebDesk or Console ?


            Thank for your help