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    Editted sysprep files reverting back to original state


      I have a confusing issue. For our OSD scripts, we edit the INF/XML files to run a few extra specialized commands during sysprep. Lately I've noticed that all of our active scripts will "modify themselves" back to the original INF/XML state like the script was just recently editted through the console. As a work around, I saved the files to a backup location and when i notice the file modification dates have changed I replace them with the files I backed up.


      For example, one of the INF files that we editted has a file date of 1/19/2011.  This morning all of the active scripts(That are published to the PXE Boot Menu) had a date of 4/7/2011 and a timestamp bt 9:25am and 9:30am.


      The last few times this has happened a reboot of the core usually fixes it but only for a few weeks.


      Has anyone else seen or experienced this?