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    PXE Representative Deployments


      All of my PXE Representative Deployments installs say they were successfull but they do not work when trying to PXE Boot to them the first two installs work fine.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          Depending on how your network is setup they may or may not work. You may already know this but the machine that you pxe boot must be in the same subnet as the pxe rep unless you are using an IP helper/pointer at the switch level.

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            Rick.Smith1 Specialist

            I had this issue going from LD 88 to LD 9.


            I installed the LD 9 client on the PXE rep.

            Althought it was detected by 9 based on the services found, I then re-deployed the install script to the PXE rep.

            This removed the services but did not re-install.


            I re pushed the script 3 or 4 times, and it was still no good.


            I then used the uninstall script from 9 on the rep, repushed the install script and the services appeared.


            Validate on the PXE rep that the PXE service exists. You might have the same issue I did.

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              ahe Expert

              It could help to install the MSI not through network from core... take a look at this doc: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3096


              I would change the PXE installation script a bit...

              1. if exist, uninstall a pxe on the server (MsiExec.exe /q /X{F238CE99-6614-4072-9D20-1D2FA7ED951A} s. first line in the ini file from doc)
              2. copy the osdrep.msi to the server
              3. start the MSI locally


              Additionally you can force your installation, if you don't copy the Windows PE image in this task from core. I would copy it afterwards... or from a share in LAN...(if your core is not in your LAN)