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    LANDesk 8.7 SP3 VS Mcafee 8.5

    zman Master

      So my security guys tell me I have to roll out MCafee 8.5. So no big deal, I package, I test, etc... So I go into the inventory on my test machines becuase we have a custom reg key for patch level since LANDesk does not capture this by default - and it is there. I do however notice that my Security Branch is missing from the tree.  Crap.  So I update my current version of ldavhlpr.dll with the one from SP5 and all is good.




      The 65,000 question is will this cause any other issues? I realize it is not supported and I should fully upgrade to SP5, however, I'm in the midst of planning our 8.8 upgrade and don't really want to push out SP5.










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          egarlepp Employee


          I don't have anything on that specifically but figured i would give you some side info on McAfee 8.5 to be aware of.   Since you are using 8.5 of McAfee, be aware of the blocking feature in it to block TFTP.exe(it is under the Standard Protection Group in the AV console).  I have seen it block LANDesk invnentory scans on hundreds of systems from being created and sent back to the cores properly..  This may be fixed in an update, but wanted to make you aware of it.   






          Good Luck



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            zman Master

            We are running patch 4 and I have not seen this yet but will keep an eye out. Thanks.

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              beau.gordon Employee



              I think you will be fine.  The SP5 version of that dll is likely to support all the same methods that the SP4 version did.  I looked at the changes made between SP4 and SP5 and they are basically just changes to the detection logic of various AV platforms.


              That being said, maybe you should test it on 500 machines before you roll it out to everyone.



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                zman Master








                Thanks for the reply. Since it is corp pilot it will go through our very slow and tortuous process - LOL.