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    Probleme with a template's variable

    Gilles Portal Apprentice

      I need to create a template's variable for the Windows CD Key. I have a script VBS wich backup the CD key from Windows, into a system variable, VE_XP_CDKEY. As this variable is read by the inventory scan, I want to use it in a provisionning template.
      So, I create in Public variable windows, the following variable : LDXPCDKEY; Database Value; "Computer"."Environment"."Variable"."VE_XP_CDKEY".
      I hoped that this variable will have worked the same way that the %ldHostname%. But it still not work, and I dont understand why.


      In my template, I copy a sysprep.inf and then, I change the default computer name by the old one's using "%ldHostname%" . I would like to do the same thing, and change the default cd key by the old one's using "%LDXPCDKEY%.


      I posted the capture of an inventory window with the environment variable. Note that I remove the real CD key.


      Please, someone have an idee?

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          If you XP cd key is static, why don't you create it as a string public variable instead of database value.


          Search value          Replace value                                             Type

          LDXPCDKEY          12345-12345-12345-12345-12345                 String

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            Gilles Portal Apprentice

            That is the problem. We have some OEM Windows XP licenses, so the cd key is never the same. I need to backup it before remastering a computer.


            But actually I am testing a solution. I forget a sub-value in my template variable.
            Actually I use  "Computer"."Environment"."Variable"."VE_XP_CDKEY"."Value"
            It seems to modify successfully my "sysprep.inf" file.

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              If these are OEM Windows XP Professional licenses you should be able to follow the instructions here:



              There is a key you can use that will activate on OEM boxes.  If your scenario is a bit different, in that some are volume license and others are OEM then it becomes a bit more difficult.


              The variable name you mentioned actually should work.  You could try and test the variable by using it elsewhere in a provisioning script, such as making a temporary registry value.  That way you can see what it's actually pulling out and see if there's a problem with it.

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