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    Clarifications in OSD and Image


      Hi All,


      I have some queries in LANDesk…….


      1. Can we inject the Software’s like MS-Office, Acrobat into the Captured image without rebuilt the image or redeploy the image? If yes how can do that?

      2. When I use the Image W V2 tool, it will create the “.TBI” format image. But its giving more than one image  for example: My image name is Win7 in sense it will give the image outputs “win7.TBI, win7.1, win7.2”  like this. I don’t want separate files, I want to include everything into one image like “win7.TBI”. How can I do this?

      3. When I use the Deploy script answer files, the machine is logging in Automatically using default Administrator account once the image has deployed and its adding into domain also as per my script. I want to  skip that Auto logging into Default Administrator account. How to do this?

      4. If I create the Answer file using WAIK and put that into local C drive and run the sysprep then shutdown the machine and captured the image. When I add the same image into deploy script, and enable the “image uses sysprep” in the deploy script there we can give the Agent to deploy once the image has deployed successfully, it’s not deploying the Agent. What should I do to deploy the Agent along with the image? (In windows XP it’s working fine, In windows 7 its not getting deploy the agent)

      5. Once the image has deployed in Windows XP it should be prompting like below mentioned format

                          User Name: (Blank)

                          Password: (Blank)

              Logon to : (Domain Name) where else now it’s showing (Local Machine name) How can I customize this?


      Can you please guide me regarding the above mentioned quires…..




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          EMiranda Expert

          to answer question #2, remove /max:2GB from your capture script


          to answer question #3.  AutoLogon passes in your answer file are controlled in Microsoft-Shell-Setup_neutral > AutoLogon.  you can either remove it or change the Enabled option to False

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            Hi Emiranda,


            Thanks for you quick response....Today let me check the details what you are mentioned in the discussion and let you know. Is there any possibilities to get the answers for remaining questions....


            Thanks and Regards



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              Hi Emiranda,


              The Answer which was given by you for Question #2 is working fine...Now i can able to create the single image...


              By the way the Question #3 (To skip the Automatic login into Default Administrator account)


              1. I am not using Microsoft Answer file....Without putting the Microsoft Answer file, I just ran the sysprep, enabled the generalize check box and shutdown the machine.then I have captured the image without any answer files.


              2. While importing the same image into Deploy script...I have enabled the "Image uses sysprep" option...from there only I have given the answers and I have given the Agent file also to deploy.


              3. After I process the deploy script...Image has successfully deployed and added into domain also.after that its Automatically logging into Default Administrator account and deployed the LANDesk Agent. Here the thing is "I want skip the Auto login" or else "Once the Agent has deployed successfully it should reboot automatically and promt for "Username and Password" to be given by users...."




              The same kind of senario I have faced while Deploying the Windows XP Image...so what I did, I have edited the Deploy script in advanced edit option and added this "Command5="cmd /q /c shutdown -r -t 5 "command line into that script. So once the image has deployed successfully.It will logging in Automatically but user's can't able to see anything in the desktop, the background of the desktop is blue screen, it simply run the LANDesk Agent and deploy it and reboot automatically, then it will prompt for "Username and Password"


              Then I tried to give the same kind of command line into the "Windows7 LANDesk Deploy Script" but it's not working.again it's Automatically logging into Default Administrator account and deploy the Agent after this it's not rebooting.


              Can you guide me in this regards......