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    Are my SLA's on?


      How can I check to see if the clock for my SLA's is working? The colour on my incidents doesn't appear to change when I change the response level on Incidents.


      It seems to default to yellow and not change even if the Response Level  is changed.


      Any ideas?




      Mohammed Basharat

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          Hi Mohammed


          Within the Incident business object, there is a "Is Clock Stopped" boolean attribute. 


          You could simply add this to your window - if it is displaying as being ticked, then the clock has been stopped.  If not, then the clock is going and escalations (if set-up correctly) should be working.




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            Thanks for your suggestion, however we already have the "Clock Stopped" Boolean attribute on the window and is unticked.


            As far as I know the escalations have been setup correctly. (See image)


            Escalations Setup.jpg


            Any suggestions?





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              Stu McNeill Employee



              For every escalation action in your SLA an "escalation point" will be created on the incident at the point the SLA is activated (in your case when you save the incident).  You can add the Escalation Point collection to your incident window and browse them from there.  Each will have its Status (normally "Open", "Completed" or "Expired") and the Expiry Date.


              When they are first created they are at the status of "Open".  Once the Expiry Date passes they will automatically move to "Expired" (with a delay of up to 60 seconds).  The "Touchpaper Services Background Processing" service on your server is what performs the escalation action when the escalation point expires.  If this is not started or is generating errors in your server's event log this will cause the escalation points to not expire when they should.

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