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    Query in the database


      Hi everybody 


      Somebody knows how to made a query in a landesk database for having this results :


      Full Name


      All the applications installed on the pc


      Thanks a lot in advance for your response



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          If your looking for the tables to use direct SQL with then..

          Both Fullname and Location are stored in the computer table, to get your packages you are going to have to join fileinfoinstance by computer_idn and then fileinfo by fileinfo_idn in that order.



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            Thanks a lot for your response



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              Hi fab,


              There is Computer table in SQL Database use computer_idn as primary key-Foreign key to join table to get desired result.

              But if you using the Query Engine: Go to Query engine in to the Name tab enter relevant name to query , now under the Machine Components tab go to software --> Add or Remove Programs --> Name --> Now Named list of all software will populate under Display Scanned Values(Here Select which software you want in result and insert into query area using the Insert Tab , separate each software qualifier with AND.


              Click the Filter Tab to select the group of managed devices for desired result. 

              For more detail refer screen-shot.