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    Ability for distribution package to switch between HTTP and UNC

    LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

      Does anyone else think this may be useful to have? The way it works right now is that if you use an HTTP path in the package it will only try to use an HTTP path when it tries to go to a preferred server and the same goes for UNC paths. This becomes an issue when you use a Gateway which requires HTTP paths and when you dont have many preferred servers that can run a web service. If we set everything to UNC then when a client is in Gateway mode it can't access packages. We have over 500 portable NAS devices that are used as preferred servers. The NAS boxes will support web services but it doesn't work quite as nice as IIS does on a server. If the client had the ability to try both methods, HTTP and UNC, then it would allow it to almost always find a good path to the package. If anyone thinks this would be useful please vote http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/1580. This was actually someone elses ER but is exactly what we need and it also adds flexibility that others may also see useful.