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    A couple of stats questions

    Adam Wilden Expert



      I've been asked for a couple of sets of stats which I'm fairly certain LANDesk can't do (I'm useless with Crystal) but thought I'd list them here just in case.


      The first is to find the average business time between 2 statuses for all calls over a period.


      e.g. list all calls logged in Feb showing business time between "logged" and "In Progress".


      We aleardy record this for Resolution (Business time to Resolve) but there's a logical place for this...


      The second request is even more unlikely as i needs to be a snapshot or triggered stat.  Basically they want to know all the times the Workload queue for a group exceeded 100 Incidents.  I could do a daily scheduled report which would be really cumbersome but can't think even how I could do this via something like Crystal.


      God knows how they keep coming up with impossible requests...


      Anyone got any ideas?


      Thanks - Adam.

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          On the first idea - if you had a response level which didn't do anything but which just started on entry to the status 1 and exited on status 2, then maybe that gives the data you are after.  The response level should start and stop along with any others that are active.


          A thought on the second idea

          You could use the queue table feature of 7.4 to stash information away in a table which you could later process.  So on an assignment have a calculation which counts the number of items in the group queue and then have a condition which looks at this, fires off an automatic action which simple adds creation date, time, group etc into the object queue table.  OK something needs to tidy the queue table up to remove entries and deal with situations when the queue is 99,100,101, 100,101 all in a short space of time.  The manual describes in some detail how to create a queue table for an object and put things into it and it's only a wacky idea at this point!  I guess you could also have a trigger on insertions into the group table which did the same sort of thing.