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    Dosmenu.cfg not found (DOS PE Imaging in LDMS 9)


      Hi all


      We have been using DOS PE Imaging in LDMS 8.8 for over a year without any problems.  We have recently built a new virtual LDMS 9.0 SP2 core on Windows Server 2008 R2 running IIS 7.  We intend to migrate to Win PE imaging at a later date when we have time to implement it and consider the training impact, etc.  In the meantime, we can image machines in the same office (subnet) as the core server using DOS PE Imaging, but we cannot image machines at remote sites.  Just before we expect the PXE Boot Menu to load, we get this error (screenshot attached):-


      Microsoft DOS TCP/IP 1.0a

      EOF from server

      EOF from server

      EOF from server

      Dosmenu.cfg not found - no menu configuration available

      LANDesk Management(R) Agent
      <client IP address>

      <client MAC address>

      Waiting for command...


      We have checked there is an IIS MIME Type for .cfg and updated C:\inetpub\wwwroot\LANDesk\LDMS\web.config.  We also added "Anonymous Logon" to the core\ldmain\landesk\files folder and "Everyone" to dosmenu.exe and dosmenu.cfg.


      Can anyone help please?




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          After hacking around with the contents of bootmenu.1 on an affected PXE Rep I found some interesting results to help towards troubleshooting and hopefully a fix:

          1. Opened PXE Rep's bootmenu.1 in WinImage. 
          2. Extracted and opened startnet.bat.
          3. Turned echo on (to see each command line being processed on-screen) and commented out "call startget.bat".
          4. Copied decode.exe, dconnect.exe & dmstring.ini from \\<core>\ldmain\landesk\files to net.zip in the Net folder of bootmenu.1.  This overcomes the "EOF from server" errors when startget.bat tries to execute htget commands to copy these files.
          5. PXE Boot Menu now loads and the imaging script completes successfully.  However, several tests confirm htget copies dosmenu.cfg some times but not other times, so it's clearly inconsistent for some bizarre reason?


          Why would the htget commands return "EOF from server" errors instead of just copying the requested files from \\<core>\ldmain\landesk\files to the RAMDRIVE (r:\)?  I have already checked there's enough free space (over 600kb) in the RAMDRIVE (r:\), but I doubled it to 4096 bytes within autoexec.bat anyway.


          It is more stable when I remove all htget commands and copy the required files from \\<core>\ldmain\landesk\files directly into net.zip instead.  However, I am only too conscious that this creates static files, in contrast to htget which copies the files in realtime, therefore if any or all of these files have been updated (by a LANDesk patch for example) then this may have implications to imaging further down the line.


          I would obviously prefer a LANDesk endorsed solution (e.g. patch).  Unless someone can offer a better solution please?