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    LANDesk Agent is not deploying along with the windows 7 image


      Hi All,


      If I create the Answer file using WAIK and put that into local C drive and run the sysprep enable the generalize check box then shutdown the machine and captured the image. When I add the same image into deploy script, and enable the “image uses sysprep” in the deploy script there we can give the LANDesk Agent to deploy once the image has deployed successfully.


      But the thing it's taking the answers from the answer file which is inside of image and adding into domain also everything fine. then it''s prompting the "Domain username and password" to login into the machine. but it’s not deploying the LANDesk Agent.I tried to give the username and password manually after its prompting...after that also it's not deploying the LANDesk agent.....


      What should I do to deploy the LANDesk Agent along with the image in Windows 7? (In windows XP it’s working fine, In windows 7 its not getting deploy the agent)


      Can anyone guide me in this regards........





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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          LANDesk uses commands in the unattend.xml to install the agent. It sounds like you made one unattend and are also using the LANDesk one Windows should normally aggregate any unattend files it finds and process them. Is the LANDesk unattend getting to the machine?


          Once it is done, you can go to C:\Windows\Panther and you will find an unattend.xml in there. That one should be changed a bit, with parts added saying a particular pass was processed and sensitive data removed. You can use that to see if the commands were processed, or maybe Windows didn't find the unattend.xml that has the agent install commands in it.


          There are also some sysprep logs in there that may help out.