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    unable to deploy firefox4.0.msi


      hi everyone


      im  new with landesk. i use LDMS 9.0. ive installed the coreserver and one  agent on a windows 2008 server r2. both are virtual machines running on  the same pc.

      the agents packages are standart, software deployment and remote control.


      im having touble deploying the firefox4.0.msi


      the remote control works fine. but every time i try to deploy the firefox package it failes.


      the logfile: Processing package : Freigbabe/Firefox

      (thats all)


      result: "The system cannot find the file specified"

      the return code is 2

      i used the search-function before, but no threads ive found could solve my problem...


      can anybody help me?


      (if you need further information, just ask me...)