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    LANDeskMacOSDUtility.zip and Thunderbolt Compatablity issue?


      I noticed on the mac forums that the new Macbook pros are out with the new Thunderbolt on them and we can no longer Netboot them..  Does the LANdesk LANDeskMacOSDUtility.zip work to create a netboot image on them? Anyone at LANDesk test it? If not can you please update the tool and send me a copy?



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          ive tested this with the current LANDeskMacOSDUtility.zip on the 27ich i7 quad core and it does not work at all. So bascially netboot breaks after thunderbolt and the Landesk utility does not work on the thunderbolt device and i get the no smoking sign while trying to netboot. Can someone please update us and let us know if there are any updated tools now as this is a matter of urgency for us.  anyone please reply!