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    Primary Owner of the Device


      Hi There,


      Please can you sched some light on the primary owner field in the inventory of the device. I would like to know who is the primary owner of the device.


      A scenario could be seen as: - Bearing in mind we have set Primary Owner on the Configure Services to 5


      I login to my device, i become the primary owner. The next time and engineer is working on my PC, he logs in say 5 times. He becomes the primary owner. At what time do i become the primary owner again ?


      And what can influence this, eg: Agent configurations etc ?




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          zman Master

          My understanding of PO, is based on the user identified during inventory scans. It keeps track of this in the client's registry (you will have a mac of 5 entries in the registry) based on your core settings (you indicate you have it set to 5).  So the most prominent users out of 5 will be the PO. If there are two users in the mix then whoever has 3 entries out of 5 will be the PO.  This is influenced by your agent configuration's inventory settings - how often you do an inventory scan. More frequent inventory scans, the more frequently you have a chance for this to change.