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    Software Distribution is not displaying notice


      I'm currently testing...


      But, if I create/deploy a BATCH file that just runs Notepad, and use a Standard Push distribution with notifcation/prompt, it doesn't allow the user to install/cancel (no snooze).


      4-15-2011 12-35-02 PM.png


      However once I close Notepad, it will display the "successful" notice.


      4-15-2011 12-41-24 PM.png


      Is this by design, or is there something I am doing wrong?


      If it is by design (run package immediately), how can I get it to prompt to install WITHOUT having to provide a defer (snooze) option, since I can't set any of the settings to 0?  Meaning, I just want it to display the "Install Now" and "Cancel" buttons, while leaving the "Snooze" button dimmed.