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    Need to skip scanning multimedia files on Macs with LDMS 8.8



      We're now on LDMS 8.8 and would like to speed up the full inventory scans on Macs.


      I followed the advice on droppedpackets.com








      Which said to edit the LdAppl3.template file on the core to comment out the MacMultimediaExtensions line in the file.








      I have done this but when I look at the LANDesk.log file on a client Mac during a scan, I see ldscan is trying to scan MultiMedia Files and it takes a very long time to do that:



      Here's part of the log file. Notice the timestamps...it look from 13:23:15 to 13:59.03 (36 minutes) to complete the multimedia scan.  That's not acceptable, IMHO.



      Tue Feb 26 13:21:58 2008 ldscan : Scanning software.

      Tue Feb 26 13:21:59 2008 ldscan :   Scanning fonts.

      Tue Feb 26 13:21:59 2008 ldscan :   Scanning for ScanExtensions files.

      Tue Feb 26 13:23:15 2008 ldscan :   Scanning for MultiMedia files.

      Tue Feb 26 13:59:03 2008 ldscan :   Scanning Extensions.

      Tue Feb 26 13:59:10 2008 ldscan :   Scanning for Applications.

      Tue Feb 26 14:00:29 2008 ldscan :   Scanning for Custom Data.

      Tue Feb 26 14:00:29 2008 ldscan :   Checking for tombstones.




      So, how then can we skip the scanning of the multimedia files?



      We have also unchecked the scanning of MultiMedia files in the Mac agent configuration, but based on what that article on droppedpackets said, that option is only true for delta scans, not full scans.