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    e-mails won't send to Originator


      I have a reminder in a change process that supposed to go to the "originator".  I'm assuming the originator is the Raise User on the Change.  It that my first mistake?  (I'm not sure what else the originator could be.)




      The e-mail never arrives.  (The year on that date is 2011.  Yes, it's in the past.)  The process looks like:




      I've looped the Reminder back to the status while I try to figure this annoyance out.  I created a query to list the Change Reminders:3-Query.jpg


      "Notify Originator" is set to True and my user is the Raise User on the Change.  If I click on the Reminder, it displays in a window:




      If I click on "Send Message", it sends.  Proof:




      Other notifications are coming through like they should.  I just seem to be having trouble with the ones going to the Originator.