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    Externally Facing Service portal for order Management


      Afternoon All


      This one is more of a fact-finding exercise than a problem.


      Our organisation is making the move to develop a single coherent approach to Order Management for both internal and external customers. The tool of choice at the moment is CRM but it feels to me that this is something that could be adapted from LANDesk, with an external facing portal.


      What the organisation is trying to achieve is:


      • Customers to know exactly where there enquiries are, when they can expect a response, and what is going to happen next. 
      • The vision is of a single, coherent approach to Order Management which will apply across all areas of our business
      • Something that spans relationships with Suppliers, Customers, and Delivery partners also.


      The question is, is anybody else using the portal in this way to externally facing customers, if so how does it work with in your organisation.


      Happy to discuss offline if people prefer  

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          Hi JMG,


          I've seen some universities place ServicePortal (later WebAccess) into their DMZ for external access by students, and this seemed to be received well by them. A few had also taken the extra step of using secure (HTTPS) browsing for Portal and this too functioned reasonably well, though with a very slight performance lag.

          Another consideration for an external facing Portal is that you can't *usually* have Integrated login, so Explicit or LDAP logon are the only methods available. Other than that, it's a matter of properly designed/tested windows, queries and processes to control what your users can and can't see and can and can't do.


          Obvioulsy if you're starting from scratch you'd be well placed to organise some consulting from a LANDesk professional to properly workshop your requirements and desired outcomes.




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