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    How to create report that group by Computer.Device.Name

    Asraf Radzi Apprentice


      I have this problem..

      How to create a report that group by Device.Name





      .NET Framework 1.0

      Adobe Reader 8



      .NET Framework 3.0

      Mozilla Firefox

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          Jed SupportEmployee


          It sounds like you're searching for the attributes and then attempting to catagorize that information based up on machine ID.  When querying its important to remember that you're querying for machines, not software or other attributes.  When you create a query in the console you are telling the console to find you machines that have those attributes such as a specific software package or piece of hardware.  This is the key howeve, always remember that the query will only find machines that fit the attributes that you define.






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            ChrisHagy Apprentice
            1. Go Tools | Reporting\Monitoring | Reports

            2. Create a New Custom Report

            3. Select the Query you wish to use

            4. Click Design

            5. Right Click on DetailHeader and select Insert Group Header\Footer ( repeat for as many groups as you desire )

            6. Right Click on GroupHeader1 and select Reorder Groups

            7. When the window appears you should see a Step Structure with DH -> GH1 -> GHn.
                   Move the GroupHeader1 Above the DetailHeader in the structure

            8. Click OK

            9. Select BOTH the DeviceName Label and Text Box out of DetailHeader and Detail and Cut them.

            10. Paste them in GroupHeader1 and Click off to the Right to Deselect them

            11. Click One time ontop of the Group and you should select (DeviceName) which is the Data Bound Field

            12. Move this Field to the Right so they dont overlap

            13. Select GroupHeader1 again and look at the properties Section on the Right hand Side

            14. Under the Data Section, look for DataField

              1. The DropdownList should contains a list of your Columns

            15. Select DeviceName from the list

              1. This Tells the GroupHeader to Group By this Field

            16. Above the Data Section you should see the behavior Section

            17. At the Bottom of the Behavior section before the Data Section Begins
                   Find 3 Attributes, RepeatStyle, KeepTogether, GroupKeepTogether

              1. RepeatStyle - tells the GroupHeader to Repeat Every <value>, Select On Page
                          This way you get a New Header Section every page and improves the look

              2. GroupKeepTogether - Select FirstDetail
                          GroupKeepTogether tells the group Header to create itself when repeating, only if its able to put data with it.
                          This way you dont get a Header at the Bottom of the Page and no data below it

              3. KeepTogether - Select True

            18. Repeat 9-17 for each GroupHeader

            19. Click OK

            20. Click Preview and you should see your grouped Report


            This process can be applied to any datafield that you wish to group by.



            Chris Hagy

            Sr. Consultant

            NetworkD Group