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    Placeholders in reminder emails


      Hello all,

      I'm a bit new to placeholders so I hope you can help.

      We have several reminder email notifications in our processes that need our company email address and telephone number as a signature.

      To avoid lots of updates when these addresses change, is it possible to hold these 'constant' values somewhere (e.g. in a config file)  and reference them within a placeholder in the body of the email?

      I hope this makes sense,



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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          I'm sure I've posted on this before, but can't find it.  But here goes


          The method that I used was to create a reference list with the different signatures I wish to use (I currently only actually use one)

          This ref list is associated with user object so that I can use it whenever a system generated email is created by an analyst / user action (ie CreateUser\_Signature)


          Create a Reference List object called Signature. (Title, Signature Detail)

          Associate this with the user object (lookup)

          Create Signature window, and create signatures.

          On the user \ analyst window, add the Signature attribute and make default

          For each user / analyst, select the correct signature. Make sure they are all populated.

          On the emails you are generating, you can then refer to the SignatureDetail as per the CreateUser (if thats what you want to do)


          Net result - you maintain the signature in a reference list rather than through process design, and the admin can be farmed out to Service Desk :-)

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            Adam Wilden Expert

            We do similar but with our Groups.


            It's not as flexible as Elizabeth's method but slightly simpler.


            We added a new string attribute called "Signature" to the Support Group object and window.


            We then filled in the relevant information in this field for each group, so our Service Desk group has:


            Service Desk

            Mail: [email protected]

            Call:  01234 56789



            We can then reference this field from the reminder via a placeholder.


            Cheers - Adam.

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              Thanks Elizabeth.

              I had hoped that we could use some 'system global variables' but I suppose your method is more flexible should we decide to publish different contact numbers for separate groups of people.



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                Thanks too Adam - I can see the benefit of doing it this way.

                We're using the same signature across the organisation at the moment but who's to say that this won't change at some point later,