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    what is the task sequence for WOL using MDRs?


      I'm troubleshooting WOL problems with LDMS 9.0 SP2+++.  I have my managed devices on a separate subnet from my landesk core and I have two MDRs on the client subnet.  I am currently testing from a remote console on the client subnet and my eventual goal is to get WOL packets sent from the core server as part of a scheduled task...I'm just not there yet.


      I'm at the point where I can use the WAKE UP feature to get WOL packets sent from the LDMS remote console on the client subnet; I am trying to get WOL to work as part of a task that I am initiating from this console.


      I've taken a machine which responds favorably to a WAKE UP request and I've assigned that to a task that has the WAKE UP DEVICES box checked.


      I would like to know what I should see in the SCHEDULED TASK status during this process?  Should I see the target device go into the ACTIVE container and then either fail out or get moved to SUCCESSFUL?  What is happening now is that it goes ACTIVE then almost immediately it goes back to PENDING and shows a DELAYED status.  I suspect a problem; and in fact I know a problem does exist because the machine won't wake up.


      As I'm not sure what is 'SUPPOSED' to happen, I don't know where to go next.  I just know that my target device is NOT waking up as part of the task.


      -any thoughts?