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    Failing to load template - Only on certain remote sites

    jameshopkins Apprentice

      Good morning all,


      I am having problems with provisioning on some sites, we have a MPLS network with numerous sites connected. Provisioning is working fine on some sites, but failing on others. All sites were previously working fine, but all of a sudden it started failing on one site, found that it is also happening on other sites. Below is the error I get on a machine, the WinPE loads fine but it fails after several retries trying to download the template. I have used wireshark on the core and can see the retries, each time it has HTTP 400 error (Bad request), and then eventually gives up.


      Connect to core:core_server
      Loading template...
      error:[80001500H]The call to the Web service failed.
      Execute result:


      Each site I have tested on the MPLS connects in the same manner, leased line, as it is a private network there is no firewall at each site, only a core firewall before our sites go out to the internet. Our ISP have said that nothing has changed on the routers, and no other changes are unerstood to have been made on the respective sites. It is working fine from the same site as the core and also at least one MPLS site.


      Has anyone experienced this issue on remote/WAN sites? Any ideas/pointers?


      Thanks in advance.