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    AV error when trying to update settings


      Hello all,


      I am trying to push some updates to a few test clients for the AV system. I am trying to turn off the "Catch Risky software" feature in AV as it seems to be doing more annoying than actually catching anything.


      So I created a new default AV config with all the same settings, but without the Risky software option checked, then pushed it out to one XP machine and one Win7 machine. On both machines the same issue is occuring, when the task tries to install the service I get a very plain "Error" window with "Installation failed" in the box. Nothing else but that, however the AV then is broken and will not load on subsequent reboots. Also now, even removing the AV entirely gets that error as does a fresh install of the AV on those two systems.


      Thankfully its only on these two system, but can anyone have any idea what the issue may be?




      P.S. Running LANDesk 9.0 SP2