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    Need some information


      Hi there,

      I'm new on LandDesk technology. So, I have some question about how to deplay and application.

      I have something like more that 50 applications packaged by script. Inside the package, I have a .cmd, .vbs and then the application.

      1-My question is how I have the deplay it using LanDesk?

      2-DO I have to create someting else before or during the deplayment of these package?

      Thanks for your feedback.


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This is a bit of an open-ended question as it sort of depends on what your scripts are doing. Are they simply launching thew installation or are they going to be doing things like accessing network locations during the installation? Do they rely on user interaction in any way?


          Can you provide a bit more information about what the cmd and vbs scripts are doing?


          In general, landesk deployed packages are installed using the local system account or using the credentials of the currently logged in user (selected when you set up the package in the console). If the scripts rely on network access then you may encounter some issues especially if you are launching as local system.