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    Deploying Windows 7 image on different Dell models


      We are trying to create a single Windows 7 image that will work on all of our Dell models.  We have successfully done this in the past with Windows XP.  We followed the LANDesk Best Known Method for Deploying Windows 7 document and built our initial Windows 7 image on a Dell OptiPlex 780 without installing any drivers.  The 780 image works on other 780s, 760s, and 755s, but when we try to deploy it to a Dell OptiPlex 745 or a Dell Latitude d620, the computer starts the Windows 7 swirling lights and then reboots and gives the option to launch startup repair or start Windows normally.  So we built another Windows 7 image on a Dell OptiPlex 745, and it works on 745s and on the Dell Latitude d620, but it won’t work on 755s, 760s, or 780s.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a solution?  Or has anyone successfully created a universal Windows 7 image that works on all of the above Dell models?  Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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          EMiranda Expert

          I do universal imaging with Windows 7.  However, I moved to creating the base image in VMware, but when I did use physical hardware, I would normally create my base on the lowest supported model and move up.


          I would check out the sysprep logs and see if there is anything in the logs that is telling you why the machine is not booting further than a certain section in sysprep, it could be as simple as having something wrong in your sysprep unattend.xml.



          Your sysprep logs are here:


          Generalize - %WINDIR%\System32\Sysprep\Panther

          Specialize - %WINDIR%\Panther

          Setup actions - %WINDIR%\Panther\Unattendgc


          once it errors, and hits a reboot cycle, go into WinPE and browse to those directors and open up the logs with notepad.  Should give you some good info and maybe we can pinpoint what is happening.