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    Custom Software Inventory Scan not reporting.


      I found the document http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5763 on how to add a custom software to your inventory scan list. I created a new custom scan for an executable located in the LANDesk folder, and made it avaialable to all machines. I connected to a test machine that had the file I was looking for, and manually ran an Inventory scan. The Inventory scan returned that the appropriate file was present.


      I have several hundred machines that also have the file. All of these machines reboot every night, so I figured that when the inventory scan ran when they logged on in the morning that the inventory scan would pick up the new custom software I added. However, 0 machines picked up the change. I then followed instructions on http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2209 on how to force an inventory scan. I modified the inventoryscan script to force all the machines that I know have the file perform a force scan. All of the machines finished the forced scan, but they still are not reporting the software as being on the machines. I checked the file LDAPPL3.INI which was mentioned in the previous document on forcing an inventory scan and I found this line entry:


      <I>,AC - SC - WK & LP - PROD - VER 1.11.EXE,34399138,LANDesk,LANDesk Advance Agent LP&WK,1.11


      This is the file that I am looking for. I manually verified that the machines with the .exe that I am looking for have the LDAPPL3.INI that have the above line included, but none of the inventory scans are returning the file as there unless I perform a manual inventory scan on the machine.


      Is there something that I am missing, or something else that I can try to get these machines to start reporting on this custom software?


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          After doing some more digging around and looking, I think I know what the problem is, but I am not 100% sure. I was looking at the LDAPPL3.INI file and I saw that the SDMCACHE folder is excluded from the Software Inventory scan. The file I am looking for is in the SDMCACHE folder. I pulled the file out of the SDMCACHE folder on one of my machines and placed it in a different directory and the Inventory scan found it. I believe that this is the problem ,but I don't know how the first test machine was able to find the file in the SDMCACHE folder if this is what the issue is.


          Is there a way to remove an excluded folder from the LDAPPL3.INI?

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            On the core server in the ldlogon folder you will find a file called ldappl3.template


            Back it up.


            Now edit the file, look for this line:




            add ; to the front of it to REM it out


            Save it.


            Now you must make this change available to clients


            See http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-19234


            It will take an inventory scan or two to get clients to update.


            You do NOT modify the ldappl3.ini directly, you do as listed above and this makes the changes



            Keep in mind, I am not suggesting you make this change or not, as you may be gathering data that you may not want or need, just letting you know how it is done

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              Out of curiosity, can explain better what you are looking for?


              Items that are in the sdmcache folder should only "live" for 48 hours in most cases

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                We are in the process of deploying our Agent out to all of our Remote offices which are all on a slow connection speed. We have a primary workstation in each office, and we looked at using a Replicator to contact all of these primary workstations. However, the limiting factor of the Replicator only being able to talk to one primary workstation at a time, and the large number of primary workstation we have made the Replicator unfeasable.


                So what we did is create an Advance Agent for all of our laptops and workstations with P2P download only enabled. We then created a File Transfer job to transfer the actual Avanced Agent.exe to the primary workstations (since we didnt want all the machines in the office hitting the core over the slow link). We then scheduled the Advance Agent job to all the machines so they could pull the file from the primary workstation.


                The issue that I was running into is that the File Transfer of the Advance Agent did not execute properly on all primary machines (eventhough landesk thought that it did). So I was trying to run a querry on the SDMCACHE folder on my primary workstations to see if the Advance Agent executable was there or not. The Exculsion of the SDMCACHE folder was causing the query to fail.


                The query is now working properly after making the changes to the template.