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    Windows 7 Green Bar of Death


      I realize this isn't really the place. However, I was wondering if anyone had a fix for windows explorer green bar of death?

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          Can you provide details? (How many disks, 32/64 bit, when it occured, any RAID configured on the drives?)


          Most common cause of this is a drive error. Have you ran a chkdsk /r against tha drive?

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            32 bit or 64 bit Seven... Novell CIFS Share.... Networked drive. Moved share to Suse Linux to no avail. 1 disk in local machine raid in the server. Randomly does the green bar of death when opening explorer. Also does for the CIFS share as mentioned NT drives however do not cause the action.

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              I've heard of it happening before from a disk that is not the primary with a RAID drive causing it (even though it's not being used...yeah...that's Microsoft for you). I'd say try removing the RAID drive and see if it happens again. Not to familiar with CIFSs. I'd say Google would be your friend at this point or hopefully someone else here may see your post. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.