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    Unused LANDesk related database?


      We are using LANDesk Management Suite version 90. We are moving LANDesk databases from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 environments. We currently have two LANDesk Management Suite version 90 installs and each of these applications point to a database i.e, First install of LANDesk Management Suite application uses database LDServer and second install of LANDesk Management Suite application uses datrabase LANDeskServer.


      The list of tables within the LANDesk databases mentioned above have been listed with the attachment. We have noticed the existing of another database, Desktop, that has a table named LANDESKCORE. Another table in this database, [dbo].[ACTIONTYPE], has the following sample values,












      = LANDesk.Workflow.BusinessObjects.dll



      [PRESENTATIONCLASSNAME] = LANDesk.Workflow.Win.ComponentModelSupport


      [PRESENTATIONASSEMBLY] = LANDesk.Workflow.Win.exe



      None of our LANDesk Management Suite applications have any settings pointing to this Desktop database. It is my guess that this database could have been part of a "Demo/Test" LANDesk application at some point in the past. I would like to know if anyone could tie in the databse table names to a LANDesk application. This will help us identify the source of this "unknown" LANDesk database.


      Thank you.






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          egarlepp Employee

          By the looks of the Excel spreadsheet, it is a LANDesk core DB.  Did you do an in place upgrade of 8.8/8.7 to v9?  If so that could be there for that as well or a demo DB from the past.

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            Thanks for the reply. I was not there during the upgrade of 8.7/8 to v9.0 and will get an answer for that. We currently use LanDesk Management Suite. We do not know if LanDesk core db is needed for the functioning of LanDesk Management Suite. We would like to delete the Landesk Core db if it is not used.


            Kindly forward if LANDesk core db could be deleted i.e, the functioning of LanDesk Management Suite will not be affected by deleting LANDesk Core db.



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              egarlepp Employee

              The LANDesk core is LANDesk Management Suite.  The server the main LANDesk Management Suite application runs on is called a core server. 

              What you can do is take the DB off line first in SQL and see if LANDesk operations are effected, if after a few days all is well then delete the instance from SQL.  If you run into issues, then you can easily bring the DB instance back on line in SQL.  If you are unsure of this process, i would have your DBA do it.  They should know what i am referring to.

              If you delete the DB instance from SQL the DB files should stay on the SQL server.  You should save them for a month after the fact to insure all is working and then when you are sure delete the files form the server itself.

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                I am not clear on your previous post. We currently have LanDesk Management Suite and a database that supports it called LANDesk. We have another database called Desktop. There is no known setting in LANDesk Management Suite that makes use of this Desktop db. You had mentioned that the table structure of this Desktop db looks like LANDesk core db and that LANDesk core db is the database used by LANDesk Management Suite.


                In our case, LANDesk db is the database used by LANDesk Management Suite . Hence, should LANDesk db be the core db. Currently, there is no setting within LANDesk Management Suite that uses Destop db. I understand the part where you suggested bringing Desktop db offline to find out of Desktop db is used.



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                  egarlepp Employee

                  Sorry, for the confusion.  Been working with LANDesk for a long time and use words interchangeably so it may confuse those that are not as experienced with the application.  Leave the DB named LANDesk as is.  My suggestion is to take offline the DB named Desktop and see if it effects the LANDesk Management Suite application in your environment.  You should do this after normal production hours in your company though.

                  Ultimatley, you might want to call support to help you with this.  With their experience they can remote into your servers and help you figure out exactly what is what.

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                    This unknown database is likely an ALM or Automated Patch Management Database.  You can use the following document to verify the database connection string on your core server: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-10275


                    If you are not using this component and want to remove it you can do so by going to the add/remove programs on the core and removing the LANDesk Service Management software.  Then you can drop the connecting database