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    ImageX with Windows 7 Single Partitions


      Hi all


      I had a need to use ImageX as a client needed an image in WIM Format.


      The problem that I had with windows 7 is thay by default, it installs on 2 partitions which forced the capture / deploy via imagex to fail. Im not sure but i think its because of the extra partition. I attribute this to windows xp working fine and not windows 7. There are ways to get imagex to capture multiple partitions but i decided to get windows 7 down to one partition because it seems like a neater way to deal with it imo. The easiest way I found around this is to get rid of the boot partition. http://www.mydigitallife.info/hack-to-remove-100-mb-system-reserved-partition-when-installing-windows-7/ explains how to do this


      Once i did this, i was able to use the default imagex capture and deploy scripts in OSD LDMS 9.2 with no issues.


      Hope this helps those that have a specific requirement to use WIM.


      Cheers Matt