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    Changed IP Address


      I have a PC that needed a static IP Address. So after I changed it the Managment Console never shows that PC as connected to the network. If I click the properties to the PC it shows the old IP from DHCP instead of the new one that I assigned it. I can remote to the PC via LANDesk only by typing in the new IP address into the Remote. Is there any way to make LANDesk discover this asset on the new IP?

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          scots Apprentice

          An inventory scan has to run on the PC.  After the scan runs, the results of that scan are sent to your LDMS Core server.  Once that scan is processed by the Core, any information about the PC that has changed (including IP address) will show in your Console.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Look at your agent settings and make sure that inventory is configured to send a scan on IP address change so your machine records are kept up to date.

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              I am not sure how to do that just yet. I just started with LANDesk and am trying to figure it out. I am going to the LDMS Bootcamp soon hopefully that will get me up to speed.

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                It's done within the Agent Configuration settings. If you are in LDMS go to your toolbar (I am in 9.0 mind you, it may be slightly different per-versions) go to configuration and then Agent configuration. Right click on the agent you have deployed and slect properties. Look for Inventory scanner, under Landesk Agent at the top I believe. Under where you can select Manual or Automatic updates is a section called Run inventory scans, there should be a check box there for When IP address changes. (Or something to that affect.)

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                  It appears to be checked but I have another stupid question. There are seven agent configurations in the list and they all have the box check but how do I tell which one is the default configuration or which one is being used. Thanks.


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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                    There will (in LD9) one default agent for each OS.


                    But you could have multiple agents for each OS



                    To see what agent a sysem is using is easy, if it is showing in the console, just check the inventory under LANDesk...



                    The system should do an inventory scan every 24 hours on its own