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    Can I configure BIOS settings with Landesk ?





      we have Landesk (v8 sp4 but v9 is coming in our environment) .


      Most of our laptops are HP or Dell and I would like to deploy BIOS settings on them (like a password, the "LAN/WLAN Switching" option, etc...).


      Does Landesk provides a solution for that ?

      Is it related with the AMT technology ?


      I didn't any way to configure them directly through Landesk (I dont want to use the altiris solution ;-))


      Thank you

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          zman Master

          LANDesk does not for HP/Dell to my knowledge, however you can very easily use HP/Dell's tools within LANDesk. Can't speak to Dell but the HP tools (SSM, CMI, scripts, etc...) will work within LANDesk.



          Never used but looks interesting http://code.google.com/p/hp-cmi-bios-setting-profile-builder/


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            Dell Client Configuration Utility is a commandline tool I have used outside of LANDesk. It won't add a window to your LDMS per say, but you could script it to remotely change the BIOS, as well as update them, configure them etc.

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              EMiranda Expert

              I can confirm as well that Dell Client Configuration Utility works with LANDesk. There is an option to create a executable and you just deploy that as a standard .exe distrubution package.

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                Thank you for your answers; everybody.


                So, there is not an integrated plugin on Landesk if I have correctly understood, right ?


                I need to create an exe (from the Dell utility) and deploy this file through Landesk if needed.

                This utility is working with any kind of computers ? Or do I need to create a specific executable file for each version of laptops I have ?


                And what about HP computers ?


                Thanks a lot !

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                  My way is by no means the "right way" to do it. We only have LDMS, none of the other bells and whistles, so others may have more elegant ways of doing it.

                  For me, I ran a query of the model laptop I was looking for ie Dell D620. I then checked the BIOS versions to find the most recent.

                  I then create a custom vulnerability which I named D620 Bios XX. I put the exe file into it with the needed commandline switches and create the package and put it in schedulaed tasks. I then take the query I created, drag it to the task and hit run.

                  Not flashy, but works for me.

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    Dell utility only works on Dell machines, it supports most if not all the models.


                    HP has its own utility, again only works on HP.

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                      I seem to have Dell OMCI COnfiguration under the Configure tab at the top of LDMS. Maybe I got it from downloading Dell patches in my Patch and Security portion. I don't remember it, so it must be something newer (Post 7.7 SP4)



                      OMCI is mentioned in there as well. I havent tried it, but am certainly planning on playing with it very soon!

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                        JSMCPN Expert

                        For most HP computers, this tool works great.




                        I used it regularly at my last job to standardize BIOS settings across 10,000 devices. Set password, boot order, OWNER string, powerup on sunday night, and much more.  You run it on each model you have, set desired settings, and then the tool exports a VBScript that modifies the BIOS. You can even enforce a BIOS password on devices that do not have one, or change the password if you know what the existing one is.

                        TEST TEST TEST before you push!



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                          Catalysttgj Expert

                          Everyone seems to have what works for them figured out, which is great for them. We too have a custom WMI script that we use to set Dell Bios Settings, and its actually the most powerful that way since it can expose most all settings, depending on the level of the OMCI client (a requirement) that is installed on the workstation itself, but regardless of all that.. the good news is that LANDesk is making an effort to support dell omci itself! Above someone mentioned that they saw it under the configure menu in the console. Additionally, if anyone hasn't noticed, LANDesk now exposes the Bios Setting values in the Inventory as well, which means you can query/target devices based on what values they already have! You can actually report on what they are, after you change them. This is very awesome!


                          Well good news and bad news.. I've tested this in our environment with several models of Dell. So far, I have had success configuring settings in Dell Optiplex 380's, but unfortunately not in Dell Latitude E6410's, XT, and XT2 tablets. So the answer to your question is YES for Dell (with the exception that it doesn't seem to always work) and NO for HP (in LD9.02). You'll most likely have to use vendor provided tools today to get 100% coverage, unless you have better success with the landesk tool with the models where it didn't work for me. Ideally, LANDesk's offering will work 100%, so please test away, and let LANDesk know if its not working, so they can get busy FIXING IT! :-) It's very easy to use in LANDesk, and if more people take advantage of it, maybe they'll be more likely to incorporate another vendor's hardware as well.




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                            MrGadget Expert

                            There is one other alternative. If you have vpro on a computer and its configured then you can right click on the computer in all devices go to the vpro section click on the first vpro menu item and select vpro remote console (or something like that) and set it up to boot to the bios, set kvm to vt100 and you can see it boot and remotely change settings at your desk.