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    AutoCAD 2011 software distribution


      I am trying to create a distribution package for Autodesk 2011 for Inventor and CAD.  The package is 7.3 GB and contains 27,167 files.  The source files are stored locally on the core server.  When I try to create the package and update the package the LANDesk administrator console locks up and stays locked until I kill it with task manager.  Has anyone had success distributing packagges this large with so many files in subfolders?  If so would you mind passing along your technique?   I was also curious to see if there is a log file I can view to see if there were errors when I created the package?




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          I have deplyed it only with commanlind line switches and running it from a network share, not as a stand alone exe. Although you could alsways script it so long as all the pre-reqs are installed.




          That helped me a lot setting it up.

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            irishmn76 SupportEmployee

            You have a couple of options.  If you choose to download the files to each machine that is going to get the install, then you have to just wait for the product to MD5 hash every file and that's why it takes so long.  Otherwise you could just point to the setup.exe  and not put the additional files in the package, and then use a Delivery Method that does a "run from source" instead of download or multicast.  Then it will stream the install from that network share just like it's mapping a drive.  If you have to cross WANs and other network obstacles, then you'll need to implement a preferred server method so the traffic stays local to the machines doing the install. 


            Hope that helps,


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              Perfect!  I wanted to run from source anyway.  I didn't realize that I didn't have to include the files if the package was set to run from source.  It is such a large package and large amount of files that I only want to run from source.  I already have the preferred servers setup and am running the package from them.  Thanks for the quick replies and the assist!

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                I'm done loads of Autodesk distributions via LANDesk and found the easiest way is to zip up the file using winrar.


                1. When creating the admin image, save it to C:\temp\AUTOCADIMAGENAME (call it what you like)

                2. Create a batch file that runs the install (usually C:\temp\AUTOCADIMAGENAME\adminimage\setup.exe \qb /i C:\temp\AUTOCADIMAGENAME\adminimage\AUTOCADIMAGENAME.ini)

                3. Using winrar, create a self extracting zip of the folder and set it to run the batch file when finished, ensure the file size is less than 4gb by splitting it up into 2000000000 byte chunks.

                4. Create distribution package using the exe and rar files.


                This way it only has to hash a few files at the most rather than thousands.

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                  Hi Irishmn76,

                  i have a customer very interested in using LANDesk to push out AutoCAD. i came across this post, and i wanted to know if you had any customers that are willing to be a referral for LANDesk customers pushing AutoCAD. Please let me know, as i have been working with the local AE for LANDesk, and we cannot seem to find a customer using LANDesk to push AutoCAD.




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                    Hi dw920ckec,

                    I have a current customer looking to use LANDesk to push out AutoCAD. Would you mind if you shared your experience using the LANDesk product to push out AutoCAD? They want to make a purchase, but they want to speak with someone already using the software that cant share their experience.