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    Emailed Report Returns Blank Report Form


      I'm trying to schedule a couple reports.  The first one I'm working on is the "Devices not scanned in N days".  I want it to report any systems that haven't scanned in 30 days or more.  I know that reports that take variables don't really work via scheduled reporting, so I have been trying to tweak the report to hardcode the values in.  I've seemed to do alright.  However, the report I get only tells me a total count.  The rest of the report is a blank template.  I'm getting a little frustrated.  Is there a way to get this to work?

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          Bradley_M Apprentice

          One problem I ran into when I was running scheduled reports that were being emailed out was that the accounts that were receiving the reports had to have LANDesk access to the devices otherwise they couldn't see the devices in the reports.


          I had scheduled some reports that were built on queries and I would receive the report complete because I had access to all devices but the other users were receiving blank reports because they did not have the scope necessary for those devices.  It appeared to be running the query one at a time against each user account that it was being emailed out to.  I had to fix the users scopes so that they could see the report.


          Not sure if this is related.



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            It tells me how many computers it found in the list, but it doesn't list any content.  For testing, I tried sending to my own account (A LANDesk Administrator account with full access to everything) but still more or less a blank template.  :-(

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              Apparently this is an issue that will be resolve in SP3. For nowthere is a workaround to get the reported emails to be created and sent correctly. The issue is only affecting users that have their scope inherited from a group instead of directly assigned.

              1 - Check what users are getting email reports
              1a - Open the Schedule report job
              1b - Look at the users that should receive the report and take a note of them

              2 - Update the users scopes
              2a - Open the User Management tool.
              2b - Locate one of your users/recipients and open its properties.
              2c - Go to Scopes, and for every scope that is inherited, make sure it is selected as well in the Explicit scopes section, then click OK
              2d - Repeat the steps 2a, 2b and 2c to all your users.

              3 - Right click your reporting task and select 'Start now'.


              All should then work as expected!

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                I was happy to hear the update in SP3 where you could save a report with the variables you want.  That should make it unneccessary to create my own custom reports where I had to hard code the values in.  I've been dissapointed with the way LANDesk botches scopes up.  I've been running in LANDesk as a more limited account the last few months, and there are bugs all over the place caused by the way they apply scopes.